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Historically Black Wall St.

Bringing Greetings and sending affirmations of abundance from @hbwallst. An organization founded on the campus of Morgan State University with the express goal of providing a platform for those willing and able to circulate their dollar in the black community beyond the six hour national average. Each year we as students in the course of our matriculation, pay for tuition and fees between $10,000- $35,000 at state schools to date. Our universities hire esteemed professionals that each year build a course that will best prepare us to master their subject. Understanding that we are the future of our respective fields, we take pride in our ability to solve the problems of tomorrow. As we continue to take steps towards the future, we've developed a system that takes full advantage of all of the current assets that we bring to our institutions in order to help small businesses reach critical mass. We do this through a number of platforms including but not limited to our HBWALLst package (attached) where we've combined all of our core competencies in order to bring our customers the best possible value, contributing to growth in your business. Knowing that many firms that provide consolations for businesses do so at an exponentially higher price, we as current students pride ourselves on our ability to recall and research our current fields of study. Understanding the value of having access to the many distinguished Professors as a resource that our universities entrust with preparing us to the best of their ability through a contract of preexisting duty among our respective institutions.

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