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"Black Lives Matter" A Shared Goal for a Brighter Future

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a voice for least of us. Through action, this movement has inspired, organized and supported an entire generation of social activists looking to change the things that we choose not to accept. The murder of Brother George Floyd and countless other innocent black and brown people across the nation, has proved to be enough to electrify the movement. As Mr. George Floyd was laid to rest there was a resounding cry for justice that echoed across all fifty states, and around the world.

As the next generation, we are passionately engaging in the transformative processes necessary to bring about lasting change. There have been a number of organized efforts to contribute to a better America from within our own communities. Many are simply fed up! Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired. Brother George Floyd's memory will be that of a loved black man that helped to ignite the hearts and minds of Black America.

Know that your efforts are not in vain, for those who protest peacefully, support financially, spiritually, or emotionally. We as a nation must understand that even the riots are a result of generations of economic deprivation and social degradation. Those who suffer look to destroy the infrastructure that oppresses them in any way they can. As we look to heal as a nation we must recognize that Black and Brown people have been systemically oppressed through a lack of legislation intentionally implemented to protect, uplift, and preserve black life, culture and history.

As we walk towards a brighter future, the are storms that look to deter us from our shared goal of freedom, justice, and equality. If we are diligent in our efforts to shape our tomorrow through dedicated steps taken today. I am certain that we as a people will continue to progress despite any obstacle placed before us. Understand that each and every one of us have a part to play in our pursuit of the greater goal.

What can you do? There are many ways to protest and stand against injustice. For those that feel moved to march and are physically able to do so, this is a great first step in the marathon. Beyond this, you can use your platform, and any of your gifts to shed light on what has been happening for too long right before our eyes through sharing, and supporting your friends as they not only march in the coming months, but as they pursue different ways of self betterment.

We must collectively understand that this is bigger than just you and I. Each and every intentional effort you make to inspire, uplift, and guide another, will contribute to a better future for our children yet unborn in ways we could not possibly fathom. Spread Positive energy, Love and support to our brothers and sisters who do what they do for you. Seek and Share new ways to make our lives better.

Support, and Create Black Businesses and Infrastructure that can serve as a safe space for our children to learn and grow. We must start in our own homes, schools, and communities. Teach what and where you can to whomever will listen. If you know something that may be the key needed to unlock the greatness and potential of even just one of our people. Make it your mission to find that person. Be a willing mentor or mentee to someone who could benefit from you being in their lives.

Organize, start where you are. Decide what you would like to see change and make it happen. Build bridges with elders and wise men and women that have learned the lessons of life that will give us strength as we await our chance to carry the torch. Share their stories and dedicate a part of your day to listening first. Ask questions, & seek answers. Be humble, prioritize health and wellness, both body and mind. Give time, resources, energy and most of all the best of yourself to the movement and our mission. Last but not least, breathe. Breathe for each and every black life given in sacrifice over the past four hundred years so that you and I may have life. Remember their names, tell their stories so that HIStory never repeats.

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