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"Modern Day Madam Cj Walker's"

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Exactly 101 years since her passing, I am sure that Madam Walker would be proud of the hard work and dedicated efforts made by Black women today to make their mark in the hair and skincare industries. Creating and supporting products that are truly made by and for black and brown people. As there is no monolithic Afro-American experience, it is beautiful to see all of the different products and businesses that were created to serve so many different purposes and reach the black consumer willing and able to circulate their Black dollar. Using their spending power to support and contribute to growth from within our community.

Today we would like to shed light on a company that has completely transformed the skincare industry by creating a product to protect our skin from harmful uv rays. Studies have proven that contrary to popular belief, black people can get skin cancer from the sun too! In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology stated that "people of darker skin tones often do not receive diagnosis until the cancer is in its later stages". Many people of color that reside in warmer climates know that there has not been a sunscreen created to protect our skin without leaving a coating of chalky white film made available in mass to those who need it. With summer quickly approaching and some states slowly re-opening, have no fear "Black Girl Sunscreen" is here.

Black Girl Sunscreen was founded by Shotay Lundy who told Black Enterprise that she

"started this company because as a woman could not find a sunscreen that would rub evenly into her complexion without leaving a tell-tale white residue". In 2016 Black Girl Sunscreen was born in Miami Florida. Since then the company has grown to a over 60k following on Instagram @blackgirlsunscreen and likely can be found in your local Target.

As a resource, Ms. Lundy used to help her get ready for what it takes to be successful in business. Teaching her how to put together things like investor decks, which helped her prepare for a recent investor-pitch competition in which she won a one million dollar investment in her company. A big part of her becoming prepared to sit at the table with the investors that would help her business reach the next level was the guidance provided by ureeka. For those looking to grow their business please visit as well the New Voices Fund/ Foundation's Instagram @newvoicesfamily to find resource to help you grow.

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