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"Our Mission Defined Through Action" A 20% Lifetime Profit Pledge.

As a Black Owned Business dedicated to the uplift, development, and progress of life within Afro-American Community we we're moved to vote on and approve a 20% lifetime profit pledge to the Black Community. We decided that the only real way to ensure change is to begin with ourselves. We must change the way we think, interact, and build. It would be counterproductive to continue to wait for someone to pledge support for our children in our communities if we are't willing to do the same and more.

That is why we've decided to donate 20% of all yearly profits for life to businesses, organizations, churches and programs that support those of us who need it most. We will continue to think of new ways to help improve the human experience for Black and Brown People across the globe. This, the first of many organized, intentional, and and impactful steps we will continue to take to ensure a brighter future.

For those asking how they could help further our mission? The answer lies within yourself. Continue to contribute to positive growth within not only yourself but, in our greater Afro-American community. Build and Support Afro-Entrepreneurship by intentionally spending your black dollar within in the black community to circulate our wealth. For those looking to take the first step into business but don't know how, please visit our individual tools and business bundle's page's at to get started building wealth today.

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