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Start Building Wealth in Business- Earl G. Graves "How to Succeed in Business without being white"

Updated: May 31, 2020

For anyone who's had the opportunity to walk the historic grounds of Morgan State University in Baltimore MD, the legacy of trailblazer and Champion of Black Business Earl G. Graves Sr. is deeply rooted in the infrastructure that we call home. The "Earl G. Graves School of Business Management" rests at the very end of our "Legacy Bridge" connecting the past to the future.

As you walk into the the second floor level of the magnificent steel and glass structure accented by the University's of colors orange and blue; You are met with the towering image of Mr. Graves himself. As you take a moment to appreciate the commemorative plaques and historic artifacts carefully placed in the glass cases beneath his photos its not long before you notice the cover of the National Bestseller book "How to Succeed in Business without being white". Pictured below- (Available on individual tools page" 100% of proceeds will go towards a black business grant fund in his honor. Each week we will share the tips from one chapter. It is our hope that you will buy the book, to fully grasp the content and share it with those you know could benefit from this information.

It is in this book, published in 1997 that Mr. Graves detailed not only how and why he started his pursuits of generational wealth building, but provided a detailed and in depth guide on success in black business. Through this article, you will get an opportunity to read a few of the key points quoted from his book to help you get an idea of what direction you should be headed in. Although we will be sharing a few key points, make no mistake, in order to fully understand the information provided below, may we suggest buying the book. The context that the book provides is extremely valuable and worth buying.

(Page 27 Chapter 3 "Overcoming the Nuisance Factor"

1. Business First: "You won't make it if you go into every sales presentation or job interview feeling you have to convince people that African Americans are wonderful people. This is about business, not race, unless one side forces race into the picture. If they force it you have to decide whether it is worth while to deal with it tactfully You can do that or you can look at it as an insult to your intelligence and professionalism and respond accordingly. That may be appropriate, depending on the situation, but it wont close the deal for you."

2. Don't deal with the subordinates if you can get to the chief executive: (continued in book)

3. Sell to their needs, not from yours: (continued in book)

4. Storm the Castle: (continued in book)

5. Never forget that business is personal: (continued in book)

6. Latch on to a guardian angel: (continued in book)

7. Do NOT Sell your soul: (continued in book)

8. If your'e selling the black consumer market, sell its buying power not your social consciousness: (continued in book)

9. Get involved in your community: (continued in book)

10. Work on developing a commanding presence. (continued in book)

11. Don't get frustrated that you can't hit it out of the park every time.

End of Chapter Three- For full tips, you can purchase a copy of "How to Succeed in Business without being White" on the individual tools page. 100% of proceeds donated to a black business grant program in honor of Mr. Graves.

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